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The right equipment can really speed up the completion of important and detailed projects, so we offer the highest quality heating, drying and lighting product hire to allow customers to minimise time wasted waiting for paint and plaster to dry. We also have a great range of products for lighting darker areas or lighting the work environment during night time hours.   

During the colder months, you may also need to hire heaters to warm workshops, temporary cabins or offices, which is why our product range includes infra-red heaters, 3Kw fan heaters and diesel space heaters (especially good for heating open and windy spaces).  As the winter months also tend to be the darkest, you may also require additional lighting from floodlights and festoon lights to provide optimum lighting for you and your team during the darkest points of the day, as well as evenings, night time and early mornings.

All of our products are quality trade brands and are available at genuine trade prices. With no hidden charges and entirely transparent prices, you get straightforward value again and again from Selco Hire. Remember, we have a straight price guarantee, accompanied by our fantastic service guarantee, providing you, the customer, with everything you need to see your job through to completion.

Our heating, drying and lighting equipment comes with full printed instructions for use, but if there is anything else you need to know about the safe and effective use of our products, speak to a member of our trained staff.